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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Live Game Statistics

After Sunday's session I decided to backtrack a bit and figure out where I stand as far as live cash games. I made a quick table for all five sessions I've had, which looked something like this:

So in five sessions:

I've played: 12.5 Hours

Total Net Profit: +$254

Hourly Rate: $20.72/Hour

Obviously with such a small amount of data it's nothing conclusive, but I definitely feel like my live game is a lot stronger than my online game. It just seems that when I'm at home, there's way to many things going on that make me lose focus on the game. And it's just more natural to want to bluff more online and make dumb moves. So what's this all mean? I don't know, I think I'll be playing live a lot more often and stick to SnGs and Tournaments online.

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nolimit said...

Bitch i was there at that home game (+273). That was the most expensive car ride home, ever.