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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

One Time, Mexico!

I think I may have placed a sucker bet earlier today at work. I've got Mexico beating Ghana in an international friendly tomorrow afternoon for $50. I haven't followed soccer for a while, or any other sport for that matter, but when a dude from work said he'd take Ghana I couldn't say no. I guess I'm known at work as the dude who'll take action on just about anything. Poker, blackjack, rummy, coin flips, or sports betting, whatever. I was a little hesitant to take the bet at first, because Mexico had such a poor showing in the Olympic qualifier matches a couple of weeks ago.

But that was the Under 23 team, and most of the star players who play in Europe weren't on the team. So I figured Mexico had to be a big favorite in this match. And oh did I figure wrong. I go online to find out Mexico is a +175 Moneyline underdog at Right, so if I'd done my research, I could have placed the $50 bet online getting a much better odd percentage with a payout of $88. Instead I took the underdog at even money.

Damn it if only I hadn't been so foolish, lol. It would have been helpful to know that Ghana has been on fire lately, and currently considered the best team out of Africa. Oh and they're also the 15th best team in the world, according to FIFA Rankings. Where does Mexico rank? 16th...

So I failed to do my research and that along with my cockiness and pride to not turn down a bet against my team Mexico, especially in front of co-workers urging me on to take the bet, is probably going to end up costing me a cool $50.

I was sandbagged, and I know it. Cool, I got suckered, it happens and it will probably teach me a lesson. But all hope is not lost. Mexico can still win this game. The Mexican coach Hugo Sanchez knows his job is at stake in this match. If he loses this one, he's all but out. And Mexico will be fielding a strong side with most of the European Star players. It'll definitely be a great match. Too bad I won't get to watch it. Being that they're playing at a neutral venue in London, the game kicks off at 2:00 pm. I actually get out of school early tomorrow at 12:30, but I have to serve a 3 hour detention that will keep me in school til' almost 4 o'clock.

In conclusion:

Dear Mexico,

Please win tomorrow.



You better be instructing them to kick Ghana's ass tomorrow, you piece of shit Sanchez.


vtn said...

hah nice entry. mexico's gonna win!

vtn said...

paper chaser is with you on the mexico pick.

black people play basketball not soccer! mexicans gonna KICK @ss!

vtn said...

is this right?

2-1 mexico?!