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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Idol and Spring Break

Avid Crooked Straight readers, I have a confession to make; I'm hooked on Idol. Yes, as in American Idol. This is the first season that I began to watch from the beginning and have been following along week after week, elimination after elimination. Sadly, my favorite contestant got eliminated yesterday, Amanda Overmyer.

I knew she had absolutely no chance to win, but I would have liked to have seen her go deep into the competition. Maybe even top 6 or so. Her elimination yesterday came as a bit of a shock because there were some weak performances this week. I really felt Brooke White should have been the one to get booted this week, and she wasn't even in the bottom three! In the end, I think Amanda's inability to showcase her vocal range beyond the screaming rocker chick was what ended up hurting her.

Simon commented on her last performance about how she was becoming predictable and how she needed to change her style and try something like a ballad, for example. Amanda gave what I thought was a great response. She said something like, in the minute and a half of stage time that she gets each week to perform, her purpose is to try and show America what she is about, and what they can expect of her if she is to become an accomplished artist and sign a record deal.

This just makes sense to me, and it's something that has always bothered me about American Idol. I mean, if there's a dude who's style is country, or Amanda who's a rocker chick, then why have her sing something that will completely take her out of her element, when that's not the kind of stuff she'll be singing, once a record deal comes along.

Anyway, like I said, I was pretty disappointed with her elimination and now there's really not much more rooting interest for me in the remaining contestants. If I had to pick though, I guess I wouldn't mind David Archuleta winning. Dude can sing.I predict a David Archuleta-David Cook finale.


So, this has been a pretty shitty Spring Break thus far. It's been in the low 40s the whole week so there hasn't been much of an incentive to actually go out and do much. Instead, I've been a bum at home having some marathon viewing sessions of ER season 8 on DVD. Awesome show, can't wait for season 9 to come out in June.

I've also become addicted to Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007 on the PS2. I bought the game a while ago but hadn't really gotten into it until this week. Now, I'm freakin' hooked on the game. It's so much fun that it's actually motivating me a little bit to actually learn golf in real life. Seems like ever poker player out there is hooked on golf, so maybe I'll try to make that a goal for this upcoming summer. Learn to golf. I'd be starting from scratch because I've never set foot on a golf course in my life, but then again, how much different can it be from the PS2? LOL!

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The Hero said...

I've never heard her sing but she looks like a wanna-be Amy Winehouse!