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Friday, August 24, 2007

When It Rains, It Pours...

Didn't play a lot of poker today. Woke up around 3 pm only to look out my window and see a huge thunderstorm outside. I turn on the TV, and there's tornado and flood warnings all over the news. So I took a shower and went to work. Turns out part of the building's electricity were I work at was down, yet the storefront was still fine so we remained open. Unfortunately the air conditioner wasn't working so it was burning hot in there. And we must've been the only pizza place in Evanston still open because the phone didn't stop ringing the whole day. The rain is suppose to continue to pour well into tomorrow night, so it may be de javu all over again at work tomorrow.I finally got off work at 1 and I came home and immediately sat down at .05/.10 table on Full Tilt. But I wasn't really in the mood for poker, and I had a major headache so I decided to quit before donking off my money. Hopefully I'll be in a better mood to play tomorrow.

I am really tempted to lay down a big bet on a multi game parlay on Bodog for the weekend Mexican soccer games.
This is a possible one:

Veracruz over Tigres at +120
Santos over Pachuca +320
Atlas over Chivas +180
Morelia over Atlante +110

Obviously I have to hit all my games for the bet to payoff but I win $53.33 dollars for every dollar I bet. So I'm thinking of putting up at least 15 dollars for a potential win of $799.97. Pretty sweet looking payout right? The catch in the parlay is the Santos vs. Pachuca game because they're the two best teams in the league so far in the season. And even thought Pachuca is playing at home, their offense struggled somewhat last week, and Santos has some solid guys upfront that can score a couple, including Vuoso, Benitez and Luduena.

I don't know, I might still tweak the parlay a bit, maybe even making it into a three game with a lesser payout but obviously a better chance of hitting all three games.

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