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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Not a Good Gambling Day...

I hadn't played much poker in the last two days until today. I wish I hadn't played today either. I played .05/.10 for a little bit and immediately lost a few dollars. So I decided to join a $5.50 90 man SnG instead. I went deep finishing up 17th for a small payout. Busted when I pushed with JJ and got called by Kings. Oh well. Then I went back to the cash games and was just getting killed. No, more like, I was killing myself trying to over do it, and pressing hard with hands I had no business pressing with. So I dumped another 10 dollars there. Don't really want to make excuses for my garbage play today, but because of all the storms we had this past couple of days, my room in my basement got kinda flooded. So the carpet is soaking wet, and it smells really funky, so I decided to play on the computer in my living room instead of the one in my room. I think this definitely affected my play because when I'm playing in my room I'm more focused, and here in the living room, the distractions are non stop with people walking in and out and talking to me. What sucks is my carpet is probably gonna have to be replaced so I won't get to play in my room for a few days.

The day wasn't any better on the sports betting angle. I woke up expecting to find 55 dollars in my Bodog account from the Barcelona v. Racing game, thinking it was a lock. But damn Barca couldn't get it done and score was 0-0. That's one thing I don't like about betting soccer games on Bodog. A draw counts as a loss, and I lose my money.Also, I didn't end up betting that multi game parlay I talked about earlier. Good thing I didn't because two of my picks were washes. Santos did end up beating Pachuca though, as I predicted they would. But like I said, no money made off that.

So overall, combining Poker and Sports, a total loss of around $80 dollars for the day. Tough. Hope tomorrow goes better.

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