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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Daily Double adn Stakements

Well, it was a good day at the tables. Well not really, but I managed to turn in a profit for the day. I signed up for the daily double on Full Tilt, and I was really pumped up for it, but it didn't go to well. I went completely card dead for the first 40 minutes or so. Even if I got a decent hand I'd miss the flop, and the funny thing was, the rags I was folding kept hitting. I swear my mucked cards kept flopping trips, straight draws, and even a full house. So I was tilting a little and I limp in with J3 off. Flop comes something like 7 10 7. (Good flop for Negreanu's hand eh?) So I make a small bet and dude insta-shoves. No way did he have the 7. I'm pretty sure he'd smooth call to trap. a 10? Maybe. At first I put him on a an over pair to the board, but then I'm thinking he thinks I was trying to steal the pot with my small bet.(Which I was) and so maybe he's trying to push me off with nothing himself. I decide to call for the hell of it, with J high. Bad call, I admit it. Luckily he flips over 8 9. Open ended straight draw. The turn and river brick out and i double up with my jack high. I didn't last much longer though as I ended up shoving with AJ of diamonds and get called by AK. My jack doesn't hit and that was that. I wasn't to upset though, except that my bankroll went down to about 18 bucks. So I was grinding it out at the .05/.10 tables till i was able to get back up to 34. Then I went to lurk around in the FCP forums for a while, and i offered up a stake for a 5 dollar SnG.Standard 50/50. My guy went deep in a 45 man. He busted in 3rd place for 36 dollars, 18 of which came to me. After that I sat down at another .05/.10 table and did pretty decent. Total profit for the day including my stake investment was around 20 dollars. I'll take it.
Decided to go with a two game parlay on bodog betting on the Cubs -107 and the Mets +140 but the Mets couldnt get it done. Also lost a single bet on the Red Sox v Devil Rays. I thought it was wasy money, but the Devil Rays won that one. Remember I told you guys about some guy for the Angels having 10 rbi yesterday? Well today, the Texas Rangers managed to score 30 runs on the Oriels. 30 runs! now that's freaking insane. New modern era record.

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