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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

No More Cash Games...

At least not for a while. Cash games have been killing me lately, and my Full Tilt roll is bleeding bad, so I'm going to stick with SnGs for a couple of weeks. Probably no more than 3 dollar buy ins for each one. Depending on where my roll is at in two weeks, I'll decide whether to go back to cash games or keep grinding it out on the SnGs. I'm going to try to play a sick amount of poker this week because school starts next Monday.

As a matter of fact, I've got orientation in a about 4 hours or so. I was about to go to sleep right now and figured I'd wake up around 10 or so, thinking Orientation was around noon, but I just found out its actually at 8 am, so I might as well pull an all nighter. I'll be back home around 11am and then I'll crash til' like 5 pm. After I wake up I might go pick up my paycheck. I'm not sure yet. Depends if I feel like riding the bus. Then, gonna hit the tables all night long. That's the plan anyway.

So yea, with school starting again, I have no idea how much poker I'll be able to play because I have no idea how difficult my Senior year is going to be. The schedule I receive at orientation today will probably be filled with easy classes, but thats not going to be my final schedule, because I've got to talk to my counselor about a couple of classes I need to make up. So, I'll have a better idea of where I stand in a week or so, hopefully. But if it turns out I really gotta focus in school, then I might take a poker hiatus for a couple of months until I'm sure I can balance the two well enough that I don't have to worry about not graduating.


No Bodog activity recently. Don't think there will be for a little while because there's no money to reload right now since I've gotta do some back to school shopping. My initial 50 dollar deposit is all but gone because of retarded Bankroll management. Geez..what the hell was I thinking when I placed that Barca bet? Oh well, live and learn. No matter how much of a favorite a team is, you gotta leave yourself outs man, and I neglected to do that, so I'll be watching sports for the sheer joy it for a couple of weeks. Ha!

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