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Thursday, February 12, 2009



Yes, I went with the U.S. yesterday instead of Mexico. Turned out to be the right decision but nonetheless I felt shame in not having faith in my own country, lol. Oh well, money is money and I cashed on both of my plays in last night's game:

United States -0.5........$30 to win $10.53

U.S. v. Mexico Under 2.5........$30 to win $17.14

Total Record: 213-209-18

Bankroll: $181.66

Total Profit: -$18.34


So I've been putting in a few sessions on the micro cash games at Full Tilt Poker even though I said I wanted to focus on the 6max SnGs. But I've been running pretty good in the 10NL game and taken a couple of shots at 25NL for which I'm severely under rolled.

I actually took a couple of horrendous beats at 25NL last Friday.

Here's the first one.

I guess I could have just flat called the 3bet on the flop but I knew villain had A10-AK so might as well put the money in as a 3 to 1 favorite.

That beat wasn't as bad as this next one though.

I basically flop the nuts and almost jizz my pants when the big stack moves in after my check raise and then the 3rd player calls as well. I knew one of them HAD to have flopped a set so I was just praying for the board not to pair. But of course an ugly Queen hits the river and I lose the $83 pot.

So that basically busted my Stars account. Thankfully I still had $35 on Full Tilt and over the past few days I've been able to run that up to $115 at the 10nl game including a nice 3 buy in session a couple of days ago. I actually had it up to $135 but had a bad couple sessions yesterday.

I'll probably continue to grind the 10nl game even though I'm technically still under rolled for that as well with only 11.5 buy ins but anything lower than .05/.10 I just can't take seriously for some reason and always end up spewing off chips.

Anyway I really wanted to hit up the casino last night to put in my first live session of the year and was really pumped up for it but I ended up using the money I had to buy a new phone instead, lol. I've been phoneless ever since I sold my Sidekick 08 so I bought the Samsung Behold off a dude on craig's list. I've only had it for a day but so far I've had no problems with it. I wish the web browser was a little faster but overall a nice phone and it's got a kick ass 5.0 mega pixel camera.

So the 200NL game is going to have to wait for now. Maybe next week, although I'm looking into buying a LCD for my room in the next couple of weeks so I really don't know.

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vtn said...

nice hit. fortunately for me i didnt take mexico either. i wanted to though! lol