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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday Picks

Played a little poker this morning. First a $6.60 6 max SnG in which I donked out of pretty early which left me kind of tilty so I fired up a $25NL 6 max table and proceeded to lose a buy in pretty quickly which left me even more tilted, lol.

So I decided to try my luck on a Full Tilt cash table instead and ran better there. Bought in for $20 at a 25NL table and cashed out for $45 20 minutes later.

I might play a couple of $4.40s tonight also.

I've got three bets tonight. All NBA and all for $10. A 3-0 day would be nice, haha.

Cleveland -5.5

Houston -5.5

Chicago +2.5

Day Profit: -$10.91

Day Record: 1-2

Total Record: 207-206-18

Bankroll: $158.18

Total Profit: -$41.82


vtn said...

i like the nba picks.

vtn said...

your bulls have been playing well.

i also like dallas, atlanta, and golden state to get on a roll in the next couple weeks so keep an eye on these 3.

vtn said...

yeah i should of taken the points also but the line just dropped down to -6.5. damn lol

the payout was still at +255 so i jumped on that for the money line. good luck! let's win lakers!