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Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm Not Dead

Just in case you were wondering, I'm not dead or anything. A couple of friends reminded be that I haven't updated this sh*t in a while so I thought I'd check back in.

What have I been up to the last month or so? Nothing really. Same old. Losing in poker and losing in sports betting, haha.

Let's start off with tha pokah.

I got staked in the Stars 5k Guaranteed about 3 weeks ago. Out of 1016 players I ended up busting in 15th for a measly $76. First place money was $4,500. I wanted to final table that bitch sooooo badly, so when I busted I was pretty bummed out. I thought I was finally going to reach that elusive 4 digit score I've been seeking but no dice.

And the way I went out was kinda shitty too because I'd been shortstacking it for a while but got myself in position to have a decent stack at the final table but I somehow got it all in with KQ against KJ and lost.

Anyway I also got crushed at the 200NL live game a couple of weeks ago. I went ice cold and got coolered a couple of times. One hand at the beggining of the session got me pretty steamy and I think it affected how I played the rest of the way.

With 5 limpers before me I look down at 9d6h on the button and decide to limp in as well. SB completes and BB checks.

Flop comes 9c-6c-3h. Early position bets $10. Middle position calls and I raise it to $45 on the button with my two pair. EP insta-calls and MP tanks for a bit but calls as well. EP and MP both have ~$35 and ~$50 left and I've got them both easily covered so I've made up my mind to push on the turn if anything but a club hits.

The turn is a 10s. They both check to me and I think about slowing down now that a straight draw might have hit, but decide to push anyway. Again EP insta-calls and MP tanks for about 2 minutes before finally calling.

EP flips over KK and MP has Ac2c. Of course a f*cking club hits on the river and I lose the ~$280 pot.

Now, I know that it wasn't a horrible beat. Even KK had a lot of outs against me, but it was the fact that I lost the big pot early in the session that got me steaming. See, I feel a lot more comfortable at the table when I'm playing deep stack poker. I just feel like I have a lot more room to make plays and don't feel so pot commited on every big hand.

So instead of sitting with a $400 stack early on I was down to $100 annd lost that over a couple of coolers.

I rebought for another $200 but again wasn't able to get anything going. Lost a huge pot with QQ on a 2-7-9 flop. I had to meet someone so I left earlier than I wanted to, being down $339 overall for the session.

I haven't been back since and I have a bunch of bills to pay in the next week or so which means I probably won't be back to win my money til sometime at the end of March. But I will be back. That's a given, haha.

Now on to the sports betting.

I've been raping people here at work on Mexican soccer games but unfortunately those results haven't translated into my BookMaker account. Last time I updated this blog (2/12) the bankroll was sitting at $181 but unfortunately I've managed to cut that in half over this past month.

It's mostly been due to retarded huge favorite parlays in the Spanish, English and Italian leagues. I've also used the account to book a couple of bets for some friends who wanted to bet on the Mexico v. Bolivia game because they liked Bolivia's +400 odds. So even though I lost the money from my account, I still got paid as I was only booking the bets for them.

Speaking of retarded parlays, I've decided to throw my last $90 on one for tomorrow, lol. It's a three teamer with 2 Italian league games and one Spanish league.

All the teams are -450 or bigger favorites but of course that doesn't mean sh*t in soccer, haha.

Anyways I'll post the parlay either later today or tomorrow morning and I'll also try to backtrack through last month's bets to update the record.

I'm out, peace!


vtn said...

damn, good luck! good to have you back.

just bet nba!

vtn said...

did you hit the parlay?

vtn said...

damn lol

yeah 2 out of 3 is definitely no good in a parlay.

i'm upping the stakes on my picks!