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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Laker Show

I collected on my final Super Bowl bet today and decided to hit up Best Buy to pick up a new 360 even though I'll probably get my broken one back from Microsoft in about 2 weeks. I shipped that one off today in the pre-paid box they sent me.

I just didn't want to go 2 more weeks with no system though. I actually busted out the old PS2 yesterday just because I was craving some gaming, haha.

Anyway so yea, I picked up the Arcade version which was $200. I'll probably try to resell it on Craig's List for $150ish when I get my Elite back. I also picked up a Turtle Beach X3 gaming headset that I'd been wanting to get for a long time. Those were $100 although after trying them out for a little bit before I left for work today, I'm not sure they're worth it. I can't even use them on the 50'' Plasma in the living room because since they're wireless they use IR technology that interferes with the Plasma IR so all I get is a bunch of static on them.

They did work great on the 22'' monitor in my room though since that's an LCD. And playing Rock Band with them on was pretty awesome as well as kicking ass in CoD4 cause now I can hear every single mofo trying to sneak up behind me, lol. But the LCD in my room doesn't have HDMI hook up so the graphics look washed out unlike the Plasma downstairs where the graphics are sweet.

The only solution I forsee is buying a new LCD tv with HDMI hook up for my room, lol.

Went 1-2 yesterday with my Bulls bailing me out of an ugly day. Should have thrown some money on them moneyline, but w.e.

Tonight's only play is Lakers +6.5.

The freaking line went down from +7 to +6.5 the second I was trying to get my bet in. So if I end up losing cause of that, I'ma be pissed cause it's a $20 bet.

My boy Viet over on the Paper Chaser has money on Lakers moneyline so let's hope we cash this!

Lakers +6.5

Day Profit: +$18.18

Day Record: 1-0

Total Record: 208-206-18

Bankroll: $176.36

Total Profit: -$23.64


vtn said...

that was a pretty sweet basketball game man!

funny comment about hearing mofos sneaking up from behind. i used to be a counter-strike beast back in college freshmen year so i can relate to that one. although i never really tried to sneak up on people or have people sneak up on me cause i'd run up from behind wrecklessly and just start capping on people haha.

that's tight that you were sweating that one out for me cause you worked your magic! i think that's the first pick i've cashed in with you ever haha. i'm pretty happy with the win but i wasnt sweating it as much as i should. i think kev was more into it than me.

youre right tho, it was the laker show.

vtn said...

take boston!