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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sports Betting Update

Haven't felt like updating this in a few days. Been busy grinding the 10nl and 25nl games on Full Tilt. I'll post about how that's been going sometime tomorrow but for now here's a list of the plays I've made on BookMaker since my last post.


Boston -6.5.......$15

Golden State +9.5........$6


Parlay; Chelsea -0.5, AC Milan -0.5........$40

Denver -2.5........$10

Detroit -4.5........$10


Parlay; Calcio -0.5, Barcelona -0.5..........$10


Total Record: 211-209-18

Bankroll: $153.99

Total Profit: -$46.01

So overall during the weekend I went 3-3 on the picks but unloading $40 on the parlay on Saturday really cost me.

Didn't have any plays yesterday or today but I might throw some money on the Mexico v. USA soccer game tomorrow night. Which side I play is still undecided. My heart says Mexico but my brain says USA, lol. It's hard to admit but USA has just owned Mexico when playing at home.

I think Mexico's scored a grand total of 3 goals against USA in American soil. Not to mention the fact that both Guardado and Arce are out for the Mexican squad. Oh well, I'll make my decision sometime tomorrow.

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vtn said...

i wanna bet on that soccer match. i'm liking mexico!