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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend...

So the Thanksgiving weekend is finally over unfortunately and it's back to school tomorrow. So here's a recap of how the weekend went...

Wednesday I decided not to go to school just to give myself an extra day on the already extended holiday weekend. The plan was to stay home and chill but I got a call from a guy from work asking if I could go in and cover for him because his aunt was sick or some bullshit like that. I didn't really feel like going but I figured I could use the extra cash. So that's how my Wednesday went, at work answering phones.

Thursday aka Thanksgiving not much went down. See, my family isn't big on Thanksgiving. Never has been, probably never will be. We still had dinner but it wasn't turkey, it was some mexican thing my cousins made. I would have rather had turkey but eh, what are you gonna do right?

Anyway, Thursday night I decided to load some money online to try to get back on the poker grind. It was a small amount though, with the hopes of turning it into something. I deposited both on Pokerstars and Full Tilt. I started playing on Stars and did extremely well on my first session. Granted it was micro stakes, but I really needed to regain some confidence in my game after the horrible live session I had on Wednesday.

Friday I had work again. My guy Furcio came to pick me up and we drove to Best Buy to check out some Black Friday deals but most of the door buster deals were gone. So then we went to Borders for a while and chilled until it was time to go to work.

I wasn't at work for 20 minutes and I was already gambling lol. My guy and I are discussing the football games from Thursday and out convo went something like this:

Me: Dude, Favre was a monster yesterday.

Furcio: I know dude, that was insane!

Me: 20 straight completions!

Furcio: No, 23.

Me: No dude, it was 20.

Furcio: It was 23 dude! How much you wanna bet?

Me: $500! (lol my greedy ass)

Furcio: lol no, make it $20.

Me: Alright $40.

Furcio: Ok deal, go look it up online bitch.

Me: I don't have to dude, it's right here! (I shove the newspaper in his face)

Furcio: Damn...

lol so that's how I made my first $40 of the day. I shoulda tried to go higher but oh well. Anyway, work was dead for a Friday night so we spent most of the night playing cards.
I ended up losing most of those $40 in fuckin Rummy. God, I hate that game. lol I don't know why I keep playing it for money since I suck so much at it. And then I was running bad in other card games like blackjack and King's Corner.

Anyway, that was friday. Saturday I spent most of the day playing poker online. But I was running bad. God, it was so frustrating, especially this Knockout Tourney on Full Tilt in which I got felted when my Q high flush was beat by a runner runner straight flush. I went on mad tilt after that and donked of more money in cash games. I decided to stop before I busted my accounts.

So today I was feeling a whole lot better and decided to play some more online. But I began to play HU matches instead, and guess what? It turns out I fuckin rule at HU matches. lol not really, but I played some sick matches.

I don't know what it was but I was playing so good. I was making some good reads and what felt like good lay downs. I won a $20, a $10, a few $2 and an $8 shootout. Hopefully my good run can continue and carry over into live play cause I plan on playing a $50 single table freeze out at the Rockford Charitable Casino on Wednesday.

So that's all for today. I'll update Wednesday night and tell ya'll how the freeze out went.

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