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Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Victory!

I ended up losing the $90 soccer parlay last weekend when Lazio got destroyed 3-0. The other two teams in the parlay were AC Milan and Barcelona. They both won quite easily. So now I'm officially broke on my sports betting account which sucks. I don't think I'm going to reload for a while though. At least not until I'm able to deposit at least $300 so I can start making fewer picks but for higher money.

I've been too lazy to go back through my bets history to update my record but I'll get to it eventually...

Anyway on to the good stuff. Poker! So I was down to $12 on my Stars account and like $4 on Full Tilt and figured I would have to be reloading soon unless I was able to go deep in something. Well, deep I went! I was able to take down a Stars $4.40 180man sng on Tuesday night for a sweet $216. I ran like god for most of the way and had some disgusting suck outs. I was rivering 3 outters left and right like nobody's buisness! Haha, anyway there was a key pot with like 50 players left where I basically got it all in with K-9 in a 6-7-8 board against a player who already had the straight (4-5). I rivered the 10 and then immediately after that I got it all in with 99 and got called by QQ and some other random hand. This time I turned a set and tripled up giving me a huge chip lead that I held for quite some time.

I lost a pot right around the final table bubble so I came into the final nine with 4th in chips but I quickly regained the chip lead after picking up pocket 10s early on and getting value from what was probably 7-7 or 8-8.

Anyway the final table was easy sailing until we were down to 3. We played 3 handed for probably close to 30 minutes as the chip lead kept changing back and forth. Finally I was able to knock out a guy who overplayed Kings up after I made a straight on the turn. The heads up battle started with me having a slight chip lead over my opponent.

We actually discussed just chopping the tourney for $180 each, but we weren't even sure if Stars allows you to chop SnGs so we said screw it and just played it out. Heads Up lasted for like 15 minutes. I realized I was getting to passive and my opponent was building a chip lead so I decided to start playing back. We finally ended up getting it all in with my AJ vs. his KJ. I miracolously held and shipped the tourney.

Winning it felt great. I can't remember the last time I took down anything bigger then a couple of tables. And I'm happy about the way I played the final table with the chip lead. Being aggresive but not retarded.

I know it's only one tourney, and one result, but I think I really want to start concentrating on multi table tourneys and abandon the cash games for a while. I'll also continue to grind the $6.60 6 max single tables, which have always been kind to me (took one down last night) and I'll probably donk around in the 1c/2c game on Full Tilt when the crave for cash games arises.

So thus far my online roll consists of $252.14. Not bad considering two days ago it sat at $16, haha.

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