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Friday, June 15, 2007

Bust on Tilt

Ha, so it seems i only write in here after i've experience a bad run of cards. So i officially dried out my full tilt poker account today. Well i kind of that that yesterday actually. Yesterday night i had about 80 dollars and decided to sit in for about 50 on a .25/.50 NL Game. I was doing ok, basically hovering around even until a sick hand came up. I'll try to retell it as best as i can. I can't remember what position i was in, but, i got dealt pocket nines, and raised it to around 3 dollars. everyone but the player to my left folded, and he just called. Flop came something like 9 2 J- all diamonds, so i hit a set of nines. the other player checked to me, and i figured he was obviously on a flush draw, so i didnt want to risk him completeing his flush and i bet out big to scare him off. something like 7 dollars. he smooth calls. the river is a blank. no diamond. So he checks and i raise bet out like 10. he calls. turn is another blank, and i figure he missed his flush and my set is good. I think he bet into me and i reraised him all in and he immediatly calls. he turns over A 6 of diamonds. the kid flopped the freakin nut flush. I felt like crap after that hand. Reloaded for another 20, and i eventually lost that as well. So today, i sat in a .10/.25 cent table with my last 10 dollars. I managed to lose it all in the 2nd hand. lol i watched some daniel negreanu tutorial on how to play small ball poker. so i basically made a 1 dollar raise with 9 K of hearts, hoping to steal the blinds but the small blind called. flop came Q 7 4, no hearts. the other player raised two, and for some stupid reason, i reraised all in for like 8 more dollars and he calls with two pair, Q and 7. so that's how i dried up my bankroll!

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