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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Quad Aces

I got to the game last night around 9:15 and bought in for $200. We were playing 7 handed so I decided I'd loosen up just a little bit but that did not work out all too well. Within in the first 30 minutes I was down $100 after missing my draws and firing big river bluffs. Then I got pocket Aces, decided to get cute and limped in early position, only to have the rest of the table and their pet iguanas limp behind. With a very coordinated board I decided to dump my Aces on the turn after calling a bet and a raise on the flop, all the while kicking myself for not raising preflop.

So as I'm grinding a stack of around $60-$80 I get Aces again and this time put in a pre-flop raise of $8. I get three callers and the flop comes A-A-2. Nice! I can't bring myself to bet my quads on the flop or the turn which is a 4. When the river 5 hits, a player bets out $8 and I mini-raise to $16. A third player calls and the original bettor folds. I drag in the smallish $64 pot when I realize that if this game was taking place at Mike's place (the place that got robbed a week ago) I would have been able to lock up a nice $100 bonus that is handed out at the end of the night for the highest hand made using your two hole cards. It would have been pretty tough to beat quad Aces.

But anyway as I'm grinding along I keep fluctuating between $80-$150, until finally I hit my much sought after heater withinin the span of about 5 hands. I get Queens and get paid off, very next hand I get Queens again, and make a gutsy call on the river to drag in another big pot, then right after that I get pocket Tens, flop top set and get value on every street. A couple of hands later I call a shortstacks all in with AQ. He as pocket Fives and I catch up with an Ace on the turn.

So my heater has my stack up to about $375, which I was very pleased with given that I was down $150 at one point. As the game draws to a close I decide to protect my win and don't get involved in many big pots. I lost a couple smallish pots along the way but still ended up cashing out for $350. A solid $150 profit that has me on a winning streak that I hope will continue.

I ended up getting home around 2:30am last night and fell asleep around 4am. I woke up around 11:30am today and the plan is to first go take out an ID because I've been too lazy to replace the one I lost a while ago. Then grab something to eat, come back home to shower and hit up the Charity Casino in Elmhurst to keep that winning streak alive.

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